Raúl Portero
Drama Comedy 65'
Spain Catalan with English Subs
Festivals D'A FF 2022, Rizoma FF 2021 WP Raindance FF 2021

Simón travels from London to Barcelona to attend the funeral of one of his friends. He finds a city that he doesn't recognise and some friends who feel like strangers. Their reunion will determine his future and make him decide whether to stay or go back to London.


"In his second feature film as a director, Spanish filmmaker Raúl Portero casts himself in the semi-autobiographical role of Simón, a gay man who returns to his hometown of Barcelona to attend the funeral of a close friend who has committed suicide. As Simón reunites with his lifelong friends, all in their thirties, he looks back on his choices and tries to find himself amidst old acquaintances who seem to have moved on in a city that he has left behind. By letting his camera linger while the characters engage in long, sometimes funny, sometimes profound conversations about dreams, love, songs, sex, regrets and what could have been, Portero finds the confusion and melancholy in a generation stuck in the past and afraid of an uncertain future.

Ultimately, Portero's experimental, mostly black-and-white film proves to be a touching and bittersweet examination of grief, whether it's for a friend who died, a relationship that ended, or a life left behind, building to a crescendo with an encounter between two broken souls that still have much to say to each other, but who don't seem to recognize themselves, or each other, anymore." - Pepe Ruiloba (Cinepantalla)

Cast: Raúl Portero, Joan Carles Suau, Eva Arias, Genís Lama, Anna Cerveró, Writer: Raúl Portero, Producer: Raül Muñoz, Ángeles Hernández, Elena Ruiz, David Matamoros, Editor: Raúl Portero