WINNER EU Human Rights in Film Award 2019
Negative Numbers based on real events that occurred in the early 2000's in Georgia, Tbilisi. The country had not long been out of the Soviet Union and in the 10 years or so of independence, the country had developed into a 'thief-in-law' (vori v zakone) culture, a very problematic hangover from the days of the past.

The culture led to huge growth in well organised crime being run by clans of families across the city running ghettos in different neighbourhoods. What resulted was a 'zero tolerance' policy being implemented by the then president , after a visit from Major Rudi Guliani after his success with a similar stance in New York.

Many young men were being locked up, some of them sentenced to 10 years for the crime of breaking a window. The system that was put in place resulted in over 10,000 juvenilles being locked up.

Two ex-professional rugby players took action to try to remedy this situation and with the aid of UNICEF and the United Nations took rugby training to these young inmates. Our story is about one of these young inmate prisons, stories that were written down by the actual inmates and adapted for this film.

It is a story of learning to move past differences and work together.

NB: As a result of this programme a number of the actual boys now play professionally internationally and the system was changed releasing all young offenders for petty theft or crimes.
Film directed by
Uta Beria
Drama, Sport
Georgia, France, Italy
Release date
Rome IFF 2019
Tbilisi IFF 2019
Bridges IFF 2020
Film producer
Magnet Films, Wide Management , alief, 39 Films
Starring actors
Sandro Kalandadze (Nika), Viktor Barbakadze (Zuka), Tedo Bekhauri (Mate), Lexo Gugava (Coach)
Supported by
Georgian National Film Centre, Eurimages, CNC France, Wide Distribution, TBC Bank, Millimeter Film, 39 Films
Sales Agent Wide Management
Starring actors
Sandro Kalandadze
Viktor Barbakadze
Tedo Bekhauri
Lexo Gugava
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