GIVE ME PITY! (2022)
Amanda Kramer
Fantasy Musical Comedy 80'
United States English
Festivals Fantasia, WP IFFR 2022

Sissy St. Claire gives the one-woman show of her life, but dark forces lurk backstage in this glittery VHS-style disco dream!

GIVE ME PITY!, written and directed by Amanda Kramer, is a manic take on the retro TV variety show, starring the immensely talented Sophie von Haselberg in her leading lady debut as the star of a one-woman show who unravels as her performances goes on.

For von Haselberg, this is an exciting opportunity to showcase her talents acting, singing, and dancing: "If I cooked up my dream project out of thin air, it would look exactly like Give Me Pity!... Amanda's extraordinary trust gave me license to take Sissy as far in any direction as I wanted. With that kind of freedom, I know I could relive this experience a hundred times and still find a thousand more facets of this wild, wonderful, tragic woman to explore."

"Sophie von Haselberg shines bright in this lurid picture of stardom undone."
- Wendy Ide, Rotterdam Review (Screen)

"This is Sissy St. Claire’s and Amanda Kramer’s fabulous world
- and we’re just catching up with it."
- Richard Gray, Rotterdam Review (The Reel Bits)

"A thing of beauty and wonder, relishing excess."
- Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Rotterdam Review (AWFJ)

"Psychedelic, highly theatrical comedy-cum-musical."
- Alex Saveliev, Rotterdam Review (Film Threat)

Amanda Kramer's GIVE ME PITY!, Starring Sophie von Haselberg,
World Premiered at IFFR 2022 In Special "Filmmaker in Focus" Section

Sophie von Haselberg previously starred in the television series AMERICAN PRINCESS, for A+E Studios. She made her feature film debut in 2015 co-starring in Sony's IRRATIONAL MAN, opposite Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone, went on to act in Sony Pictures Classic's EQUITY, and the historical indie drama ASK FOR JANE.

Producers: Jacob Agger, Sarah Winshall, Amanda Kramer, Benjamin Shearn
Executive Producers: Rhianon Jones, Riccardo Maddalosso, Samuel Gursky
In Association with Neon Heart Productions, Smudge Films, Irving Harvey