RETREAT (2022)
Leon Schwitter
Coming-of-Age Drama Suspense 82'
Switzerland Swiss German with English Subs
Awards FIPRESCI Prize - 32. Filmkunstfest 2023, Golden Alexander Prix - Film Forward, Thessaloniki 2022
Festivals Zlin 2023, Seattle 2023, Filmkunstfest 2023, Santa Barbara IFF 2023, Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2023, Solothurner Filmtage 2023,Thessaloniki 2022 WP Mar de Plata 2022

A father and son vacation trip slowly turns into an abduction from the collapsing outside world.

On a holiday in the mountains, an estranged father and son get to know each other better. Sheltered by the rocky landscape, Michael believes that he and his son are safe from the outside world, which is crumbling under the impact of environmental destruction and economic crises.

''Stinging and disturbing''

- Cinefilo

''Small and thrilling drama that riffs on the world as we know it''

- Micropsia

''Meticulously crafted and impressively mature debut with a suspense-heavy plot and universal themes that help boost its international appeal''

- The Film Verdict

Director's Statement:
We have to ask ourselves questions about our lives and the lives of future generations. It would take a global paradigm shift to make our society sustainable and future-proof. Means giving up comfort and privileges. While some seek access to nature and strive for a life with fewer resources, others see humanity at a fragile point and have already given up hope in a collective solution as doomsday preppers. The myth of the mountains as a place of retreat is deeply rooted in Swiss history where a small percentage of society would have retreated in the event of an invasion. The name of these bunkers was Réduit national. backdrop the story of a distant father-son relationship.