Aviva is the story of a couple and their complicated relationship in trying to balance both sides of their respective characters; the masculine and feminine. Aviva and Eden as with all new relationships are facing conflict within their partnership. These conflicts extend outward, touching everything, resulting in disruptive behaviour that challenges their very real connection.

Aviva and Eden, in our story of their journey as a couple from courtship to marriage, to a divorce and finally into deep loving friendship. It is a theme of the masculine / feminine duality in each of them and how that balance or imbalance affects the relationship between them.

For the purposes of this story, each character is played by a man and a woman to reflect the conflicting sides of our own inner male and female perspectives. Aviva is the unique exploration of gender within ourselves, told through the lens of a modern day romantic relationship from Paris to New York.
Film directed by Boaz Yakin
A dance narrative journey full of sensual eroticism filmed between Paris and New York.
Dance, Drama, Adult, Romance
USA, France
Release date
World Premiere SXSW 2020
Film producer
Best Friend In The World
Starring actors
Zina Zinchenko (Aviva woman), Bobbi Jene Smith (Eden woman), Tyler Phillips (Eden Man), and Or Schraiber (Aviva man)
Choreography by
Bobbi Jene Smith
Co-choreography by Or Schraiber
Music by
Asaf Avidan
Starring actors
Zina Zinchenko
Aviva (Woman)
Bobbi Jene Smith
Eden (Woman)
Tyler Phillips
Eden (Man)
Or Schraiber
Aviva (Man)
Made on